Some Interesting Facts About Living In New York

New York is a place of different cultures, races, ethnic groups, backgrounds and ideologies. It is also a place of many subcultures. The types of subcultures of people that you find in the suburban areas feel very different from the types of subcultures that you find in the trendiest pits of Brooklyn and Manhattan. The vibes of these places are all very different. The city tends to feel faster paced than the suburbs. There are differences between neighborhoods in the city. For example, some people from the Bronx may say that Harlem is a culture shock because it is faster paced, to an extent, than Manhattan. However, a person from the suburbs of Long Island might feel that their neighborhood on Long Island is slower paced or less tense than the Bronx.

The New York Metropolitan area is relatively condensed to the point where all kinds of people live within relatively small distances of each other. For example, the Trump-bashing, antifa-loving millennials in Brooklyn do not really live far from the white families outside of the political borders of the city who put pro-Trump signs on their lawns. It seems like these two different types of people are a million worlds from each other but they are actually a relatively short distance from each other, physically.

Where People Moved

It is without a doubt that native-born New Yorkers have moved everywhere. However, Florida is especially known for being a long distance place where many native-born New Yorkers have moved to over the past several decades. A lot of people have also moved down south to places like North Carolina and Virginia. Many have moved to the surrounding states, such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey. There are some New York people who dream of going to the West Coast, to California. Some people have gotten Hilton timeshares Orlando FL to mix things up in their lives. Many people go on vacations to different areas, and/or spend time in different areas.

The Nature

Sometimes, when you are walking among tall skyscrapers, sprawled out suburbs and overdeveloped areas, it easy to forget that there is nature around. It is especially easy when you sometimes don’t immediately see hills or mountains. However, there actually is plenty of nature in the New York Metropolitan area. There are plenty of parks that provide people with numerous opportunities to see nature. The area has many beaches and wooded areas. These provide a great amount of places to select from. Also, many neighborhood are lined with trees and are beautiful. The metropolitan area, for the most part, will never be more raw and rugged than Upstate New York. However, there is virtually no chance of a wild animal attacking you and killing you. The only thing that you have to worry about is either a person or a dog attacking you. However, you are not going to suffer from bear attacks, cougar attacks or wolf attacks. New York is also not a natural habitat for alligators or crocodiles, so you can bet that you are most likely not going to be eaten by any of these things.